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Evans Making A Comeback

The Irish Footballer- Corry Evans is all set to return to the game of football by participating in the Premier League match against Tottenham on the 10th of February, 2014. Gary Bowyer (boss of Blackburn Rovers) was elated to announce the return of Corry Evans and Bowyer was as excited as he would have appeared when he was signing a new footballer.

For almost four months, Evans did not get a chance to play because he had sustained a serious ankle-ligament injury while he was representing Northern Ireland in the qualifier matches of the World Cup on the 15th of October, 2013 in Israel.
Bowyer was of the opinion that Evans will be able to get back to the game by around 8th February, 2014 because his health had improved a lot. However, later it was decided that Evans would make a comeback by joining the Blackburn Rovers U21 team that is participating in the Premier League this season.

According to Bowyer, the absence of Corry Evans made a very substantial impact on the team. His return is surely going to be beneficial for the team because he has the ability to tackle, pass, score goals and lead as well. Evans was just making an impact in his first season with the Blackburn Rovers but he got injured. However, the team is awaiting his return eagerly, added Bowyer.

Along with Corry Evans, another new player has been signed for the Eric Kinder’s U21 team (Eric Kinder is the coach and manager of Blackburn Rovers U21 team) and that new player is Bryan Dabo. Other members who are a part of the Rover’s U21 team are: David Raya, Will Beesley, Ryan Edwards, Aaron Tumwa, Connor Mahoney, Darragh Lenihan, Deniz Pero, Bradley Bauress and so on. The substitutes are: Robbie Cotton, Dean Ritternberg, Matthew Urwin etc.