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JPC in shirt sponsorship deal?

The rumour currently doing the rounds that the online casino firm Jackpot City (JPC) are in discussions with an unnamed Premier League team over becoming their new shirt sponsors could represent an unexpected Christmas present for the supporters of one team in the league, if it turns out to be true.

After all, although these kinds of deals perhaps do not excite the same degree of excitement in supporters as news of potential new signings, ultimately it is these kinds of deals that make transfer signings possible – and any deal with a company as successful as JPC is going to be for big money.

Clearly all of the clubs in the Premier League have issues of revenue on their minds – even those currently bankrolled by a billionaire, because the UEFA Financial Fair Play laws are likely to mean significant differences for the ways clubs can operate. These laws are intended to restrict the expenditure of clubs to the money they actually generate in revenue, meaning they will not be able to rely on the largesse of wealthy owners; thus a big-money shirt sponsorship deal with a company like JPC would be a real boost to the revenue of the club involved.

The identity of the club believed to be in talks with JPC casino remains a mystery at the moment, but if it is one of those clubs greedily eyeing the coveted Champions League spots, then a deal like this will be a definite prop to those ambitions.

JPC have an established reputation and customer base in a number of countries, and a sponsorship deal would enable any of these clubs to improve their profile in these countries – as well as bringing in more money. This season has demonstrated that the Champions League places are available to any club able to make the step-up, and a deal like this would indicate real determination to do so.